Summer 2023 Vendor Application

Please read the info below and click to apply at the bottom of this page. Thank you!

Dates: June 26, 27, 28 (Mon-Wed) 10am-8pm each day

Location: Crescent Hall Venue (11020 S. State St. Sandy UT 84070)

By applying for Penny Lane Market, vendors accept the following terms:

Vendor Fee: This fee goes toward venue cost and marketing. There will be no reimbursement of the vendor fee. All vendor spaces are 3 feet deep and your choice of 4, 6, or 8 feet wide.

•3’ x 4’ ($90)

•3’ x 6’ ($110)

•3’ x 8’ ($130)

•Youth Vendor (no fee)

Vendor Fee Payment: After you’ve been accepted to the market, you’ll receive an invoice to your email.

Commission: We retain 18% of sales.

Youth Vendors: Youth vendors (age 17 and under) do not pay a vendor fee, but we do retain 18% commission of their sales. Youth vendors display their items on a 36” wide bistro table we provide, or you may bring your own small display. All youth vendor spaces are located in the balcony portion of the venue. There will be signs on the main floor indicating the youth vendor section that is upstairs.

Set Up: Sunday evening June 25th (4:00-7:00pm) and Monday morning June 26th (7:00-9:00am). A vendor map will be emailed a few days prior to help set up run smoothly.

Breakdown: Wednesday June 28th at 8:00pm. For the safety of shoppers, you may not break down your booth until 8:00pm.

Products: All items must be handmade or curated. MLM products, or similar, will not be accepted.

During the show: Vendors do not stay with their booths. There is one central checkout and we handle all sales. We provide bags for purchases and tissue paper to wrap delicate items. We will tidy booths and return go-back items throughout the event. There will be a dressing room for shoppers to try on clothing. You are welcome to come during market hours to tidy your booth and restock.

Display: Vendors are responsible for all display items such as tables, clothing racks, tablecloths, lighting, extension cords, etc. The venue is well lit during the day, but we encourage bringing lighting for your own booth if you feel it needs more light. Access to electricity or wall space is available upon request. If using a plastic table, please use a tablecloth that reaches the ground. No tacks or nails are allowed on the venue walls. Command strips and painters tape are okay.

Vendor ID: This is how we ring up your sales. Please enter the vendor ID that you’d like to use in the application. A combination of letters and numbers is best. (Examples: B45, V66) If you don’t have a vendor ID, we can assign one to you.

Tagging: Vendors must have a tag on each item with the price and vendor ID. This information needs to be easy to read and firmly attached.

Payment: You will be emailed a list of your sales within a few days after the market. Then a check will be mailed to you.

Taxes: Penny Lane Market LLC will pay all sales tax. Income tax is at the vendors’ discretion and unaffiliated with Penny Lane Market LLC. We require a current year W-9 for all vendors. If you have already submitted a W-9 to us in 2023, you do not need to submit one again.

Security: We will walk the venue frequently to discourage theft. Crescent Hall Venue also has security cameras throughout the building. If your inventory after the show doesn’t match what you sold, we are happy to work with you on a resolution. We appreciate each vendor and having you feel comfortable leaving your products at the show is a priority for us.

Go back items, leftover hangers, etc: Please stop by the checkout table before you finish breakdown to claim any of your products, hangers, etc. Unclaimed items will be taken home with us and can be picked up, or you can pay to have them shipped back to you.

Social Media: All vendors are required to post about the market at least once. We’ll email you images to use for your social media. We will be highlighting vendors leading up to the market on our social media accounts. We’ll choose photos from your social media or you can send photos to

Marketing: Leading up to the show, we will run Instagram/Facebook ads, send out email campaigns, and host giveaways. During the show, we provide outdoor signage, a raffle for a Target gift card, and swag bags for the first 60 shoppers.

Thank you for reading! Click below to fill out an application.

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